FC Inter Football shirts

A unique collection of Inter Milan Classic Football shirts. Our official range of Inter Milan soccer shirts showcases legendary jerseys of a very traditional italian football Club.

Inter Milan was a dominant Club in the 1960s with legendary players like Luis Suarez, Sandro Mazzola, Fachetti, Jair and Peirò.. As part of our collection we have the following models:

  • • 1963/64 Inter Milan classic football shirt worn by Suarez and Mazzola, when the Club won their first European Cup back in 1964.

  • • Inter Milan vintage football shirt 1990s, a great Inter that had the three Germans (Matthaus, Klinsmann and Brehme).

  • Inter Milan 1990s away, when the nerazzurri where a dominant team in the serie A.

A stylish selection of retro football shirts for nerazurri fanatics & fashion followers. Be inspired and dress like a legend!