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The Brand Cruyff Classics is considered to be the creator of Football Lux. Founded by the football legend Johan Cruyff. In the seventies Cruyff shaped the decade with the total football total, as a player of Ajax Amsterdam and the national team of the Netherlands, with the football total. This team, coached by Rinus Michels and leaded by Cruyff, was the biggest attraction of the World Cup 1874 in Germany. It was like Cruyff said: “We were the only runner-up that was more remembered than the winner”.

Cruyff created a unique style on and off the pitch. His jersey number 14 is an icon of the World Cup. He started to wear that number by accident in 1970. When his teammate Gerrie Mühren could not find his number before a match against PSV Eindhoven, Cruyff offered him his number 9 and took the next free number, the 14. After winning the match against PSV, Cruyff decided to keep the number, a number that represents his class and playing style to date.

Cruyff was a pioneer when it comes to sponsoring in the world of football, therefore he founded his own Brand for Sportfashion. Cruyff Classics is inspired by his heritage in the creation and designing of football fashion. Cruyff Classics creates high-quality football clothes with a luxury experience.