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If you're looking for a football-inspired gift for men, at At Retrofootball® we can help. In this special section we have curated a selection of special gifts for men who love football. We have chosen between all our products some original gift ideas to help you choose the perfect gift. Very often our customers ask us these questions:

  • • What original football gift can I offer to my boyfriend?
  • • What special gift can I give my father?
  • • What soccer jersey or jacket can I offer my son or my colleague at work?
  • • It's my best friend's birthday party, what can I offer him?


Whether it is Valentine's Day, Father's Day, or if you're looking for a soccer gift for the invisible friend party, we have created this section to help you surprise your loved football fan with a special soccer gift. Vintage football jerseys are always fashionable; it's like our love for our lifelong football team or for the legends of soccer. These timeless feelings cannot be explained, they are with us forever.

Can you Imagine the joy of your friend who is a fan of Barça when he will receive the gift of Barcelona’s football jersey from 1970s? Or that of your father by opening the gift of England’s national team? If you want a gift idea for your brother, who loves both football and sports fashion, discover our essential retro jackets and jerseys from Chelsea, Juventus, PSG, Nantes, Inter or AS Roma. You'll also love the casual T-shirts inspired by football legends like Cruyff, George Best and Pelé. We also have the perfect gift for lovers of Captain Tsubasa’s cartoon series. Visit our selection of t-shirts, jackets and caps officially licensed by the New Team. You will also find the jerseys of other teams like Newpie or Toho by Mark Lenders.

Our Vintage football outfits will transport directly your loved ones to back to their childhood. We are presenting a wide selection of options to buy an original gift that can be worn on all occasions. This is one of the best emotional gifts to surprise the person you love. If you are not sure about which product to offer or prefer that your friend can choose their gift, the best solution is the Retrofootball® gift card: you choose the amount, the image and the message.

Offer emotions, offer vintage football shirts !!