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Love for football starts since we are children. All of us who have played soccer or have a passion for football know that receiving a football-related gift when you are a child for your birthday or for Christmas is an unforgettable moment and an everlasting memory.

  • Are you looking for the perfect football gift for your eight year old kid?
  • Do you have a 10-year-old nephew who likes football a lot and you don’t know what to offer him?
  • Are you looking for a present for a 4 or 6 year old girl who plays football?

At Retrofootball® we have chosen some of our best products to suggest you gift ideas for boys and girls so you can make them happy! Whether it's a Christmas, birthday or a special day gift like a communion or a graduation, we want to help you surprise your child with a special vintage football gift. In our selection of gift products you will find products inspired by the cartoon series Captain Tsubasa. You can buy shirts from the great teams featured there: New Team, Toho or Mambo team t-shirts. Those may be the original idea you were looking for to buy a special gift for your child. Also the Teddy Jackets inspired by their adventures to be worn outside the soccer field are perfect for children.

Our Vintage Football Town collection has great kids shirts inspired by National teams. You can choose between classic shirts of great national teams such as Argentina, Brazil, Italy, England and Germany. Children's happiness is the best gift for us, choose a special soccer gift to surprise your loved ones.

Offer emotions, offer football legends’ shirts!