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Our collection of Germany vintage soccer jerseys recreates the history of one of the most succesfull football national teams ever. The German team has an impressive history having won 4 World Cups and 3 European Championship. Our collection starts at the iron curtain era, when Germany was divided between East Germany (German Democratic Republic or DDR) and the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), as well as the reunification period after 1990. Among others, you will find the following vintage football shirts:.

  • Germany's 70s retro football shirt. During this decade, the West German football team won the European Nations Championship in 1972 and the World Cup in 1974, with the legendary Franz Beckenbauer. "The Kaiser" and Gerd Müller. A shirt that marks the leadership of football in Europe and, especially, the best illuminated period for the Teutons.
  • DDR 1960s vintage football shirt. One of the East German shirts (the German Democratic Republic or DDR in German). During this period, the players who led the team were Frenzel, Lowe and Vogel. A beautiful shirt with a V-neck and the acronym DDR and the badge on the chest.
  • DDR classic vintage football shirt worn in the 1974 World Cup. With this shirt, East Germany will qualify for the first time in the World Cup finals. A shirt that witnessed an incredible match in the first round between East Germany and West Germany. The DDR will win the game with a goal from Sparwasser.

Our collection of Germany vintage football shirts is an extraordinary journey through the history of German soccer. We have models from Die Mannschaft of West Germany and models from East Germany (former Eastern Bloc). Retrofootball fashion for men and women.