Euro 2020 was supposed to be held last summer, but was cancelled due to the health crisis resulting from the pandemic, so it will be held this 2021 keeping the name EURO 2020, as reported by UEFA. The tournament will start on 11 June until 11 July, when the final will be played at London's Wembley Stadium.

As it happens in the fashion world, every season teams update the design of their jerseys, especially the national teams before each major tournament, such as a World Cup or a European Championship, renew their uniforms to surprise the fans. Because it's about winning on the pitch, but also about winning the competition for the best jersey at Euro 2020.

And since we already have the best European football here, we want to discover the best Euro 2020 jerseys. From the classic kits of England or Portugal, to the artistic jerseys of Italy or Austria, as well as the incredible design of Finland. Read on to find out more.

Best 10 EURO 2020 Jerseys

10. Spain

This time Adidas didn't have so much success with the Spanish national team jersey. La Roja will wear a classic Adidas jersey with the particularity of having a checkered background in different shades of red, which according to Adidas, symbolizes a mix between art and football. Undoubtedly, the jersey has a unique look, even if for us it is not one of the best Euro 2020 jerseys.

Spain Jersey EURO 2020

9. Belgium

Another of the many red jerseys that this year's European Championship has. In this case, Belgium, with the help of Adidas, presents us with a shirt with some black brushstrokes that is very innovative. In addition, they made a redesign of its crest that integrates perfectly into the set.Un'altra delle tante maglie rosse che l'Europeo di quest'anno ha. In questo caso, il Belgio, con l'aiuto di Adidas, ci presenta una camicia con alcune pennellate nere che è molto innovativa. Inoltre, hanno fatto una riprogettazione del suo stemma che si integra perfettamente nel set.

Belgium EURO 2020 Jersey

8. Germany

Elegant shirt by Adidas for the German national team. White background with thin black lines, as they already used in the 2014 World Cup, for a beautiful and elegant looking jersey. The top is the sleeve covering with the German flag and the three classic Adidas stripes on the sides. Germany know that going classic is a sure winner, and with this kit they have done just that.

Germany EURO 2020 Jersey

7. Russia

According to Adidas, the brand responsible for the shirt of the Russian national team, the design of this kit represents a mix of fans, football and the Russian flag. Although the jersey has undergone a slight redesign by removing the Russian flag from the sleeves after criticism for its similarity to the flag of Serbia. A good job by Adidas for a jersey with an emblem on the chest that gives it a very unique touch.

Russia EURO 2020 Jersey

6. Austria

Puma is the brand responsible for the Austrian national team's jersey for this Euro 2020. Red for the body of the shirt, with white sleeves and a round neck. A sober and elegant jersey that includes a pattern on the bottom inspired by the Art Nouveau artistic current that is very present in Viennese architecture.

Austria EURO 2020 Jersey

5. France

Inspired by the jersey they wore in the 1998 World Cup, considered by fans as the best jersey of the French national team and one of the best national team uniforms in history. The Nike brand wants to rejuvenate this classic France jersey for Euro 2020 and succeeds with flying colours.

France EURO 2020 Jersey

4. Portugal

With this simple and elegant design from Nike, the Portuguese national team that will defend its 2016 title, presents us with an instant classic of football jerseys. With a lapel collar and button-down collar, it gives it a distinct, retro feel, while the sleeve and side piping bring it into the 21st century.

Portugal EURO 2020 Jersey

3. Finland

The Finns, who have qualified for a major international tournament for the first time, together with Nike's know-how, want to make their mark in terms of the design of their kit. On the sporting side, it remains to be seen, because Euro 2020 could be full of surprises. A beautiful white shirt printed with the blue cross of the country's flag in two different tones and shades. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful jerseys of Euro 2020.

Finland EURO 2020 Jersey

2. England

The shirt that Nike has created for the English team has a classic, simple and elegant design. With a white base, a technological looking fabric and the few details of the shirt in shades of blue, such as the rounded collar, it gives the right touch to be one of our favourite jerseys of Euro 2020.

England EURO 2020 Jersey

1. Italy

Italians are the kings of design, which is why some of the most memorable uniforms of the European Championships are from the Italian national team. This time, Puma surprises us with a jersey inspired by the art and architecture of the Italian Renaissance. With a mosaic pattern on the back of the shirt, Italy wants to show the world its influence in both football and culture. For us, the jersey with the best design of this edition of the European Championship. nella cultura. Per noi, la maglia con il miglior design di questa edizione del campionato europeo.

Italy EURO 2020 Jersey